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My chief passions are the forest and programming. However, being an omnivore[1] I have many other interests, hobbies, and things which I enjoy. This website showcases some of those.

[1] Omnivore has another, less known definition: a person taking in or assimilating everything, especially with the mind. I am like a sponge when it comes to learning and gaining knowledge.

I have a blog which covers my current travels/adventures, and some other random ideas are written about in the articles section.

Recent changes on this website

2015-11-30 It's over, it ain't going any further. My first website had been on the Internet in 1995, and after 20 years it's time to move on. Everybody has a new hobby anyways...

2013-04-22 Moved my blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation.

2012-04-10 After a long period of quiet, added all my trips and books read.

2008-12-14 Started learning JavaScript and added a small script to this page. The fade away effect in this section is done with JS.

2008-02-02 Added a banner to the top of each page - the fruit of my playing with Photoshop.

2007-12-01 Updated the entire site to use XHTML and CSS. I wanted to redesign it for years now, so hopefully this will get me started.

Contact: Pawel Czarny <>. Please use my PGP key.