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British Columbia

A cross-Canada trip (by car) from Waterloo, Ontario (that's where I live), to the far shore of Vancouver Island. Three of my friends - Krzysiek, Goska, and Goska - came over for a few weeks from Poland, and we set out west. We drove over 11,000km altogether. The pictures below are more-less in the order of how things were unfolding.

First destination: Niagara Falls.

Then it took us 2 days to leave Ontario (northern Ontario is huge), with a stop over at Pukaskwa National Park, on Lake Superior. There wasn't much in Manitoba, other than butterflies everywhere. Then there's the prairies.

A stop-over in Sasketchawan.

The Dinosaur Park.

Famous Banff.

The Rockies.

Vancouver Island.

Hike in the rainforest; Juan de Fuca Marine Trail.

After coming back, we did an express tour of Toronto - sitting by a window in the revolving restaurant at the top of CN Tower. Good food!

And on the very last weekend, we went on a real camping trip - far into the woods, canoeing and portaging over 3 lakes into the heart of Algonquin Park, where our only company was a moose.

Assorted other pictures.